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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  December 27, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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five police districts, two of them in east oakland, each headed by a captain and lieutenant. >> it's critical for our continued rebound economically. and it's just critical for every day citizens. >> all of this falls on heels of a judge's decision to have a compliance director oversee the police department. the move was made after the department failed to meet deadlines of reforms. the chief says stress the two point plan is part of a decision made by him back in april. and made it clear they'll fall within the city chain of command. >> they'll be reporting to me as a group. >> the group will give the chief mek ren -- recommendations. this is at a cost. let's ask the city council presented with a proposal for a fee of $250,000.
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money to be pulled from the city general fund. smik smith, abc 7 news. >> investigators are trying to learn what prompted a screaming call to 911 ending in a deadly shooting. it happened in an apartment complex on creekside drive near south maine street. laura anthony joins us live. are these worrying there is a danger to the public from this? >> no. they said this afternoon that this incident was isolated to the apartment behind me them have also the corner here identifying the man killed as a 22-year-old anthony banta junior, police tell us he had a weapon but won't tell us what kind. >> this is fair to say they're concerned for their emwell ook releasing few details police maintain the man shot and killed by their officers posed an immediate threat. it"ñ started with a call from a cell phone at 3:15.
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a woman could be heard screaming in the bok ground. when officers arrived at the point apartments they say they were confronted by a man armed with a weapon. >> unfortunately they were forced to shoot that individual. and that individual pronounced deceased at the scene. >> this neighbor told abc 7 news he was asleep until he heard voices that he didn't immediately recognize as gunshots. >> that is actually just woken up by the sound of what sounded like banging. >> police say more than one officer involved in this shooting. investigator woz not reveal how many shots were fired or whether the man had a gun or fired at police. the officers involved have been sequestered and like all of walnut creek, creekside drive is a quiet area, not prone to violence, much less the sound of gunshots in the night. >> one of our neighbors called us. and said he just don't come out of the house. and just keep your doors
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closed until you, you know we are otherwise. >> never malg- -- imagined this. >> i've been living in this neighborhood three years, nothing like this ever happened. >> rita lives near the diablo point apartments. last year she says her brother was shot and killed by police in manteka claiming he was carrying a knife. >> this is just hitting home for me. i will be following this story to find out what happens. >> the district attorney's office is investigating this shooting and an autopsy is set for tomorrow. >> thank you very much. more rain0!÷zú is heading to the bay area now. but today's dry weather gave abc 7 news is on storm watch for us live in san rafael tonight.;[;] >> sunshine didyrtk] provide a window of opportunity.
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this area is still recovering from the pounding it got over the past few weeks and days. heavy duty vacuum cleaning on the hillside today. public works crews made the rounds getting rid of debris. pipes that carried storm water down to the lower levels of the city. >> this is more than anything we've seen in the last 15 years. saturation levels in hillsides are creating a lot of flow throughout the lower level autos nearby there has been a nagging know of -- flow of water into his kitchen. >> we called a contractor to see what he has to say. and hopefully, they can order up a new part. >> the tarp is coming before the next storm. >> workers scooped out leaves and other junk blocking the pumping station. >> great gets filled in with a
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bunch of grass and pike bikes and stuff like that. we've got to clean it out. >> when it rains pumps take run off from city streets, flushing it into the bay. it was a particularly big but the branches might have created a natural dam. >> this looks better than a fallen down tree. yes. and they just replaced sewage and drains. they do a good job. >> and during recent holiday storms public works had eight two man cruise working around the clock going on call necessary. for now, they're playing catch up instead of chasing emergencies. >> john, thank you very much. good news from caltrans. highway 1 is reopened miles south of big sur. it was blocked by huge
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boulders that have now been cleared away. the highway reopened to unrestricted traffic. you can expect 20 minute delays here tomorrow for final clean up work. as we said, more rain is coming. let's turn to sandhya patel for a look. >> yes. let me show you live doppler 7. i'll show you timing of the next storm. we're seeing high clouds move nchlgt our radar will be tracking a storm early as tomorrow evening. so you'll notice cloud cover. the marine level starts to spread. but the rain will skirt the coastline. a system going to remain you'll see rain starting to move in towards east bay. i'll be bac'0zn with a look and let you know if you'll need those umbrellas for the weekend. >> thank you. >> we have breaking news out of the south bay right now. sky 7 is over the scene of a crash.
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four southbound lanes were blocked there. >> and an off duty chp officer called in the crash. you can see the traffic is >> starting tomorrow, thousands may be owed money and not know it. abc 7 news explains now the race is on to find customers of a pay day qlernd being forced to pay up. outside of this store on market street1uc÷, john is a is been figuring a bill. >> for $100 loan he'll pay $17 finance charges. believe it or not that, is legal for pay day loans but for bigger loans it's not. >> your limit took 36%. anyone doing 400% apr is
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violating the law. >> he says he caught check and go doing just that. with loans it sold online. >> saying we're subject to federal regulations then, they charged apr. >> herera sued and check and go settled meaning they'll have to pay back to customers. a spokesman says they'll admitted no wrong doing they've ended that bank partnership and are cooperating but now, customers only have 90 days to claim money. >> the office launched a viral video about a similar settle wmt money mart. >> i'm not going tell you our marketing secrets. >> local leaders worked to get the word out about settlement, also about a city backed get lower interest rates if you qualify. >> the loan between $50 to 500s and with interest rate of
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no marry than 18% apr. >> it's a partnership for people who live, work or worship in san?ck=%rancisco. check and go spokesman points out it won't take the place of larger loan autos pays lower interest. of course, it would be better for everybody. >> and to find out whether you qualify for the settlement or to get a loan from the city we have links for you on abc 7 >> still ahead end of the free ride for sunday drivers in san francisco. a policy parking meter that's many find unfair. >> a frightening outlook fr a computer crime next year. tablets you got could be a target. >> a warning to anyone with a closet full of skinny jeans. doctors now say they can be hazardous to health. >> shopping guide to bay area, coming up,
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a wonderful day of free parking on sundays in san francisco coming to an end. and soon. abc 7 news joins us with the bad news. >> you've heard that blue song your good, sweet thing about to come to an end? in san francisco, they can be tarking about these parking meters being free on sundays? that is over. >> thinking about bringing
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meters sunday? >> awful. going to be awful. >> since the first meter installed on bush and polk streets, sundays have been a one day break. but that policy is over. >> this is a new day as far as management. we've noticed we need an effective plan in place. >> starting january 6th from noon until 6:00 p.m. the 29,000 parking meters throughout the city operated by the municipal transportation agency will be enforced. >> it's unbelievable that the city needs more money. >> this change will bring in about $2 million, about 1% of the budget. jackie chong has been warning clients coming to her salon in west portal neighborhood. >> this is not fair. >> but down the street at
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village grill, the owner agrees that enforcing meters on sundays will free up parking spaces for his customers. >> there are a lot of people that take you downtown. system so motorists will be able to park for up to four hours and free pay. a nod to the many san francisco churches surrounded by parking meters. but with sundays no longer sacred in terms after voiding tickets, head of the interfaith counsel worries about impact. >> this policy is january 6th which is epiphany day for the church. i believe the great epiphany is going to be seeing warnings or tickets on cars. >> warningsy4úthe first month, citations after that. those tickets are expensive. $62 most places in san
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francisco. live in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> good things come to an end. >> the shift to smart phones a . and bad guys now exploiting some of the features as well. david louie explains kinds of attacks to expect. >> viruses and worms are called mal ware. 55,000 are released daley. almost one per second. they've attacked networks and pcs there. is a constant fear they can bring down the power grid. the new target is a mobile devi.s bad guys can tap into your bank accounts. >> it reaches to another device infected imagine if you end up doing a transaction so you're giving money your money away. >> mcafee forecasting 2013
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will be a big increase for attacks. some will be crossovers from pcs. >> everything gets incrypted. there is an e mail tells you you can get that data uneven crypted. we've begun to see that. target smart phones and transfer videos and photos. a virus can be trancered to. >> we know that that is coming. it's just a question of time. in 2013 we think we'll be seeing that. >> consider using antivirus software. banks and wireless carriers are also on the alert trying to filter malwear before it reaches devices. targets often are highly visible but more, the bad guys
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going after the little device that you, and i, carry. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> you can see blue skies behind david but that is going to change. >> when? that is the question. >> yes. >> good question and early as tomorrow, so... tonight extra blanket on beds. goitsing to get cold. look at this, come on, guy autos very nice. >> there is a look at the full moon. beautiful out there. high clouds passing through. but from this point, skies clear enough, you can see some craters on the moon that is spectacular. it will be tracking a storm here into tomorrow night also this, will combine with national weather service radar. the two keeping you ahead of the storm moving in from the northwest. just high clouds showing up.
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near the coastline, this will be a tricky forecast. if those high clouds insulate us they're falling. us they're falling. j÷ night again so cold again by morning. rain friday night, showers into saturday morning and snow levels dropping to 3500 feet. could lower by saturday morning but most moisture will be out by then. so you may see a dusting of snow. high pressure previded us with a nice day but things are changing. this system here brings rain into the forecast for tomorrow night. it's coming out of the gulf of alaska. and it doesn't look impressive. the reason is that this storm going to parallel the coast. then, moving eastward. so this is what is going to happen.
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computer animation showing you 4:00 p.m. for cloud cover. by 8:00 p.m. covering parts of the north bay. notice many inland communities just looking at cloud cover at 8:00 p.m. friday. most moderate rain stays off coastline. in the north mountains then, we'll keep in some light to moderate rain for the coast down towards san jose. santa cruz mountains. n.showers, saturday, 6:00 a.m. that is winding down. by saturday afternoon, you can put umbrellas away. i won't cancel plans for weekend. rainfall up until 4:00 p.m. saturday, a tenth to a quarter inch. santa cruz mountains is going to be the highest.j=+j÷ start agent 10:00 a.m. saturday, runs through 4:00
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p.m. watch out for rip currents and breaking waves. swells expected to build and any of you going out to checkd?x out beaches tourists especially, just a word of caution. 33 in santa rosa. patchy fog is possible. cold into the air. upper 40s to mid-50s as clouds increase. it will be a cooler day. rain arriving first in the north and around the bay. temperatures into low to mid-50s. here is the accu-weather forecast. saturday morning, showers. new year's eve dry. milder during the day. so we'll ring in 2013 on a dry note. talking about the weather here. >> tu coming up next, a holiday surprise, very g some generous donors step up to
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repair community park ruined by vandals. >> and this is so call. local marching band warms up
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>> this holiday season brought great news for a group looking to repair a park that burned down in september called take back antioch. that was set on fire. pg&e also there to give another $12,500 just putting them $4,000 of meeting goal that's is when they stepped in to makeup the difference. >> this is the heart of the city. a lot of people were affected by this, this park revitalized in 2006 by a group of volunteers. >>(,]zv this damage estimated at $250,000. >> a san jose high school marching band will break new ground when performing in the tournament of roses parade.
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valley christian high school is the first band ever to team up with performers from another nation. the number 57 high school. for today the only time two groups met was on a visit to china in april. the school provided this video. the bands have been practicing for more than a year. and language is a barrier, music is the common. >> the challenge is limited rehearse yam time we have. that is what we have here today. >> you can watch the tournament of roses parade new year's day at 8:00 p.m. right here on abc 7. how exciting for the kids. >> wonderful. >> we have more still to come 6:00 including td nation loses a biggest hero of the first gulf war. the latest on the passing of general norman swartzkpf. >> winter weather continuing to plague travelers in the nation's mid section.
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>> lawmakers return to washington. we teeter on the edge of the fiscal cliff. what going over sit going to koflt you.
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we have late word from washington on whether heroes of the first gulf war, commander of the international coalition that drove iraqi forces out of kuwait under the first president bush has died. he was 78 years old. he died in tampa, florida where he retired after serving as commander in chief of the u.s. central kmanld. he was a decorated combat soldier in vietnam. and u.s. officials confirmed the death but did not say how he died. >> people across the mid west are digging out from a giant winter storm that forecasters are warning there are more storms on the way. most occurred on roadways from nebraska to ohio. the storm dumped record snowfall in parts of the mid west, causing record cold
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throughout the south. travelers advised to expect delays returning home from the holidays. nearly 3,000 flights have been cancelled and 600 cancelled just today n new york one flight skidded off the runway. im 20s far below normal making recovery efforts difficult for victims of the christmas day tornadoes. officials in alabama and georgia lobbying for asy stance to help with clean up. >> it's cold in washington and frozen in congress, indications are that they're going to go over the fiscal cliff. and you think this is just politics we're talkinok÷ about, abc 7 news is here and just been explaining.
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>> there is a fiscal cliff calculator. they have come up with an online budget. it tells you what you, and your family can expect to pay. if congressiu6çils to avoid the fiscal cliff, financial consequences are significant. now there, is a computer program. the fiscal cliff calculator allows you to pick your category, enter income, and presto. it will pop up what you are to cough up next year. >> it's a lot. >> jason is an engineer with a wife and three kids. looking at 17,000 in change. >> oh, my god. that is another, additional, i
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mean... >> 4dzs short of $3,000. >> i know. i know. >> telling me that is like losing a month's salary. >> significant reduction. >> oh, yes. a big run. >> a single person making $46,000 can count an n increase of $1300. married with no children, $57,000 it's $2200 you'll be paying. and married with two kids and income of $146,000, $7300 more. and if you're up there in top 1% making $2 million it's going to cost you $122,000. >> people have a sense of the broader national debate. >> joseph rosenburg is a research associate that developed the calculator saying the goal is to bring the debate homes home in terms of a bottom line. >> hopefully, better information. you know?
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will improve thebj.en;g that is the lowest level since august. the healthy heading is like 90. >> in nicaragua with a, some
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residents refusing to leave the area surrounding an erupting volcano. it began stealing ash and steam christmas day. 300 families have been told to get out, evacuate. but several people are staying put. one woman says she believes god will prevent a disaster. nicaragua has a dozen volcanoes and cristobal is the largest. into the south, a bay area man has died while crime climbing a volcano there. according to a statement, the 9:00-year-old suffered a heart attack during the climb. he wasóaw,ñ a researcher for a nonprofit group a world renowned expert on sexual health of adolescent autos headman at apple moves into a lower tax bracket. tim cook got a stock bonus worth $376 million last year will take home just over $4 million this year.
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and he got the same 200% bonus as other top april executives. >> more stockings stuffed with mobile devices more tablets ak ti vaited over the holidays. and app down loads more than tripled on christmas day. >> still ahead did you know clothes you wear with affect your health? >> coming up a warning from fashion r9%a+ñ on what could happen if
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all right we have a health warning about a fashion item. doctors warning about a phone shallly painful side affect of the ultratight skinny jeans >> check out my skinny jeans. closet is filled of skinny jeans. >> i can wear boots over, and just during daytime, you can wear them with flats. or, jazz them up. >> she admits it's st sm times
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a struggle squeezing into them. >> they can be hard to get on. >> more than an inconvenience smrks warn a tight fit could cause nerve damage. >> this is called is a disorder that qhurz one of the nerves into the outer part of the thigh gets compressed. pressure on it causes symptoms of continuingelling, numbness. and pain. >> saying women can experience symptoms with out realizing the cause. >> one woman describe this as floating sensation when walking. her thigh felt weak and continuingelly. >> she says combining with high heels can worsen the effect. >> it can further have pressure caused on nerves. >> experts say a good option is considering jeans with stretch built into them. >> this is 38% cotton.
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5%c@oyp spandex. >> short of that, shop for a cut with slightly more room in the thigh area, where the nerves are mv-oú likely to become compressed. >> and doctors warn it can be serious and can potentially cause permanent damage if it's not corrected. >> coming up next, finney's fun. >> author and reporter michael finney shows you where to find
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who shops here? >> people with special needs. a boss harassing you7oís at wo. those are the customers. you have people who love jazz. >> and in page 82, frederickson hardware and paint. >> we're ahih5w general store fr the neighborhood don't try to be anything more or less. >> if you own an older home, consider shopping here. now, on to berkeley. and recycler urban ore. >> the philosophy is save the earth. >> we get things in a chaotic way. our job is to clean them up,
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put a price tag on them and organize them, that is what trance forms trash into treasure. >> now, page 16 in concord. tart is a bay area based clothing company. >> prices are crazy low. they're usually 50% to 80%. >> tarte known for having something for everyone. >> we don't ship. people ask if i'll ship from texas, new jersey, new york. i just have to say no. you can only come if you're in concord, california. >> back to finney's finds. hotel furniture lick dateors which is what the owner does. >> we probably go through a good 15-20 he a year. >> there is hotel art work, a cart, mattress at mazing prices. sammy is a customer. >> this is a wild place it s anything@xñfs want, they have it. >> now, a and e watches.
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in gift center and jewelry mart which is under construction but open, selling new and used rolexes. >> we do watches only we have expertise to take care of the watches, too. >> of this customer bought his watch here. >> the same watch about $3,000 more than what i paid for. >> steam punk garage isvow/ a jeweler on the other end of the store. >> this is victorian style of fashion. >> found in justin herman plaz. >> using upcycle to recycle things. >> it's very bay area. >> absolutely. >> the book is available and retails $14.95 coming from a
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lifetime of research. i grew up here, started with 600 stores. >> good stuff. >> easy to put into your pocket and take it with you. >> we have breaking news. sky 7 outside tonight. you're looking at burned out shell of a car. >> this ismçe$ a big car that t seconds ago. they just goit out on 80. we understand that that is probably going to be halting traffic quite a bit. we don't know about injuries but do know that that was a car on fire. >> we'll be talking about the weather forecast. things are changing. >> sandhya patel is keeping on top of that. >> looking at live doppler 7 you can see signs of change. high clouds moving in. we'll be seeing rain heading into tomorrow night. if you're traveling 47 in chico. snowfall tomorrow into
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mountains there. tahoe, 43. towards los angeles you're going to be sunny, low 60s. here in the bay area, temperatures looking like this. cooler than today looking at upper 40s around clear lake to mid-50s. santa cruz, oakland, 52 degrees in san francisco. rain arrives tomorrow night, morning showers as you take a look at the accu-weather forecast. dry saturday afternoon, sunday, heading into new year's eve. and new year's day.aá.u another possibility of rain we've got you covered for the weekend. >> thank you. >> and don't forget we have free, i said free apps for the smart phone. our popular alarm clock app is available for those devices plus ipad. you're going to find them at
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apple app store, google play and amazon app store free, free of charge. >> key word. >> turning to sports. >> and also free. >> sports is free today. >> san jess yeah state this, is good stuff. players and coaches admit it's been a strange month. despite a coach leaving, san jose state kept a gel
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they lost],vf their coach. they never lost the focus san jose state capping arguably a win over the military bowl. location, our fcc, 5-16 flyover, news coach a spectator smiling on the inside with knowledge of the nation's leader. kent bare interim coach says he wanted this as bad as
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players. anthony stamel, eight yards for a lead. partans safety cut the lead to one. failed to chandler jones. no room? happy, deep on the side lines. 1913. here comes john pettigrew. he would score on next play fr a lead. san jose state answeredqv[-q wia drive. austin lopez good for 27 yards. perfect 17 and is 17 this year. sunnyvale strat jus takes down shil, mat shil. and spartans recover. 19, 20, the final. 395 yards passing. their first 11 win season since 1940. >> now, i don't know. i'm speechless.
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>> first good news for 49ers vernon davis did practice today on a limited basis suffering a concussion on this hit sunday in seattle. i was there to see it. 1, justin smith's arm injury being categorized and defense surrounded 73 points. his back up ready to go, again. >> just been getting feedndf1k back. thick things i can do better and we're trying to separate it in between. >> in arizona against arizona raiders injury season comes to an end on sunday. carson palmer out with cracked ribs. head coach said sunday, the quarterback isn't ready to be a back up. today, took as many snaps as
6:55 pm
matt linered. and this you want to have both ready. we've been splitting up both. >> women will face off as top two teams in the nation, cardinals number one. the huskies, number two. the squad lost last year, one of thec0pñ two losses on the season in their favor, saturday. home court advantage. cardinals winner of 82 straight. >> excited we're playing here. we have done well. i think the team played well. you know? we know it's not. that is not going to be the deciding factor we have to play well. make baskets well. ne it's what we do on the course. >> this is abc 7 sports report
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brought to you by mercedes-benz. >> thank you so much. >> hope you can join me tonight at 9:00. new ball faul out from the fiscal cliff and how koit make milk prices double. then, dial up frustration. abc 7 news i team investigates why no one is answering the phone at big state offices. what is going on? that is coming up after revenge on abc 7 news at 11:00. >> that is very frustrating. >> that is this edition of abc 7 news. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm cheryl jennings. >> and i'm cheryl jennings. >> from the entire news
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this is "jeopardy!" introducing today's contestants -- a refuge affairs officer from washington, d.c... ...a cond... registrar from providence, rhod ...and our returning champion, a computer technician from dublin, ohio...
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